Milka Njeri

Milka Njeri

11 years old
Grade 5
Milka is a happy child. Her favorite subject in school is Math. She wants to
become a pilot when she grows up. Her favorite color is blue, and she likes to
play hide & seek. Milka and her younger sister, Virginia, were introduced to
the Home by a local doctor that has been treating their mother for a terminal
illness. Due to her illness, the children’s mother is unable to work and provide
food for the girls. Milka’s prayer request is “that I can become a pilot and that
we receive some storybooks to read.”

Child sponsorship $35/month due 15th of each month
Please send to: For Haven’s Sake
P.O. Box 91545
Louisville, KY 40291

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Mission For Haven's Sake is a nonprofit organization focused on a child-advocacy ministry that partners compassionate people with orphaned and vulnerable children. Our goal is to show Jesus' unconditional love by meeting these children's basic needs: food, shelter, medical care, and education. We have chosen to partner with Haven Childrens' Home in Kitale, Kenya, to live out this mission

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