Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I send packages to my sponsored child?  No, due to the cost of international shipping fees we limit packages to fit into a 3×5 envelope.

Will the child write to me and if so how often? Yes, you should expect to receive letters from your sponsored child at least twice a year.

Do other people sponsor the same child? No, each child has one $35/month sponsor; although, we do accept donations for education and medical fees that will benefit all the children whether they are sponsored or not.

How long is my commitment? We hope that you will sponsor your child until they leave the home. If circumstances change and you are no longer able to sponsor we just ask you email us.

When is my payment due?  15th of each month

Can I send more than $35 per month? Absolutely! We try to keep sponsorship cost at a minimum, but there are many other needs that the $35/month doesn’t cover. For instance: School fees and medical care are paid through other sources other than child sponsorship.

Can I send money directly to the child? No. All money needs to be mailed directly to For Haven’s Sake, Inc.

What percent of my donation is used to help my sponsored child? 100% of the sponsorship money is spent on your sponsored child.  For Haven’s Sake is strictly a volunteer based organization, no paid staff members. This allows all donations to be used to meet the children’s needs.

Can I get a receipt for my sponsorship? Yes. We mail receipts for child sponsorships and other donations at the end of the year- in time to file your taxes.

How many children can I sponsor?  As many as you want…. We have 53 children currently calling Haven Children’s Home their home- you can sponsor any that do not have a sponsor if you wish!

Are there other ways I can help? Absolutely! The News and Upcoming Events page will keep you up to date on upcoming projects and fundraising events. Donations of clothes, storybooks, jump-ropes, soccer & volleyballs, toothbrushes, and first aid supplies are always welcomed- we try to take these to the home every time we visit.

Can I direct my one time gift to something specific? Yes. (within reason-we want to keep things as fair as possible between all the children and ensure their needs are met first) For example: If you want to pay for your sponsored child’s school fees, you just need to send the check with a note indicating that is what the money is for.

Is my gift tax-deductible?  Yes, all donations are tax-deductible. For Haven’s Sake, Inc. is a recognized 501c3 organization.

Will I receive a tax receipt? We mail receipts for child sponsorships and other donations at the end of the year- in time to file your taxes.

How do I cancel my sponsorship if I want to?  Send us an email ct_forhavenssake@yahoo.com to notify us of your child sponsorship cancellation, be sure to include your child’s name.

Can I post pictures and letters I receive from my sponsored child on social media?  We prefer you not post pictures of your sponsored child on social media, as this can be an infringement on the child’s privacy. We want you to be excited and share your experiences and interactions with your family and friends but not at the expense of our children’s privacy.