Project donation

DONATE TO OUR PROJECTS: If you would like to make a single donation to our ever growing list of projects we would love to have you on our team! Any amount that you decide to donate would be gratefully accepted as 100% of your donation will go directly for these wonderful children. Below you will find just some of our latest endeavors with For Haven's Sake.  Don't forget that we are a volunteer organization so anything you give 100% of your donation will go to these smiling faces!



Education:  We are on a mission to enroll 23 children into school.  Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Education in Kenya comes with a price, but we believe the results will prove to be priceless not only for our Haven children but for future generations.  The total cost for 23 of these beautiful children to attend one year of school is $14,250.

The above pictures are of our Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  Sponsorship and regular donations are not enough to cover their most basic needs much less their education.  If we meet this goal it will cover one year of tuition, uniforms, books and supplies for 23 of the children.  Right now we have 53 in our home and approximately 100 between school and the home that we assist.  Your donation will make a difference.


BOY’S DORMITORY:  23x55ft this wonderful building will hold approximately 22 single beds for our boys.  Wiring, painting, electricity and much more is in the works for these wonderful blessings.


BOY’S BEDS QTY 22:  22 metal framed beds and mattresses needed for the new boy’s dormitory.  Each child is very excited to have their own sleeping area very soon.  Will you help us by donating today?